Issue #3 Autumn 2014

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Content issue #3

  • Two possible propellantless or reactionless (space) drives … or not?
  • Truth and reality in the 21st century – or why GlobalBEM should
    create her own reality
  • The agonizingly long wait for the breakthrough of Breakthrough Energy
  • Scientific proof of a potential alternative energy source, that
    dates back 2,5000 years
  • The explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction
  • Thunderclap Campaign – Energy Revolution!
  • An interview with New Earth Nation founder Sacha Stone
  • The Secret Space Programme 2014
  • Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization Conference 2014 Review
  • Secret Space Program Conference and Laura Eisenhower
  • Free energy for all humans
  • Hemp, the controversial plant – hemp, the graphene contender